I am sure if you were asked to describe the garden of Eden - you would probably take  in a deep breathe and imagine the beautiful fragrances that surround you.  Perfume has a powerful emotional intoxication over our senses that captures memorable moments, more so than visual.  Many moods need many scents!

"A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future" -  Coco Chanel

Gilt - BCBG Max Azria1111812544_RLLC.jpg

My daughter has this perfume.  It' a very soft scent.  Very pretty but not overly sickly sweet. Great go to fragrance.  

Perfume Maison-Louis-Perfume-Oil-1x1-03_1024x.jpg

I have a tester version of this perfume and I love it. I warn you - not to overdo it.  This scent is beautiful but stronger than most scents I have worn. 

Perfume - Chantecaille Darby Rose.jpeg

I am a Chantecaille fan! Their Rose water is my highest renewal product! Like so many of their natural products, this scent highlights roses, Italian lemons, magnolias - just pure romantic!

Vince Camuto Ciao1111088858_RLLC.jpg

I don't personally have this perfume, but it's on my list.  I have garden of perfumes I obsess about but this one is one I am going to add. I've tried it, like the floral scent and it has a lingering surprise of woodiness! It has it all. 

YVS Mon Paris4120870819_RLLC.jpg

YSL - this is sex in the city - whatever city you are in.  Delicate and Intense, should be worn with pearls.  (Only)

Vera Wang Gilt Love Struck Eau De Parfum Spray4120755339_RLLC.jpg

I have a few Vera Wang perfumes.  Like Princess, this scent is young and vibrant with a citrussy smell - perfect yoga perfume, makes me feel I can bend -- feel being the operative word here!


Highlands - being Irish I love the scent of the fresh dewy meadows.  Lime and rose and sandalwood. I think it could be uni-sex?  

Carolina Herrera Women's Good Girl DotDrama1111949604_RLLC.jpg

What's in a name? Yes, I have this perfume also.  It's not flowery, which I tend to be drawn to but has some bad girl notes in it.  I get many compliments on this perfume! Love it and I am a Carolina Herrera clothing addict - not sure if that was important but....!

Perfume Sisley.jpg

A rose by any other name is this scent. Intense but absolutely beautiful and lasts all day long.  I have a smaller version of this perfume, so I save it for special occasions. 

Armani - My Way.webp

Relatively new perfume with florals but I get a more vanilla scent when I wear it. It's very pretty and distinct. 


Lady Diana's favourite.  Penhaligan's is just overflowing in fragrances that are all loved.  Luckily, you have special consultants on hand to help with your choice. Great idea - never go wrong with your choice. 


I purchased this perfume online shortly after I bought J'dor which I also love, but this is more sensual in nature.  Softer and intimate.