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Front Doors & The Homes Behind Them

The title of a novel is to grab your attention, peak your curiosity and inspire your imagination, all before you decide to delve in and give it your valued time and money. The same can be said for the front doors of your home. They must conjure mystique and make you wonder what lies beyond. It’s a lot to ask from a hunk of wood, paint, some glass, door knobs and a light or two! But arranged correctly can turn a humble home into something stunning. It is all about first impressions, as the saying goes; "we only get one chance to do this!"

Whether you live in a farmhouse, at the beach, in the mountains, or on the edge of a pristine lake, why choose a door that will block out stunning views? Choosing glass doors improves your view of the world and takes design to a new level. The lighting fixtures used on these homes are worth checking out as the size and shape give balance and scale to the entrance. Door hardware, decor and ultimately foyer inspiration all work together to make or break the ambience. In fact, your front entrance has a huge responsibility - it represents everything In addition, the variety of flooring, grounding color schemes, rugs used throughout the homes gives the each room individuality. yet cohesiveness . Have fun exploring -

The Belgium farmhouse, has a grand entrance way and an overgenerous lantern that draws your eye up and complements the multi-level of glass splendor inside. The use of different materials like stone, iron and batten board are all brought together with incorporating an arch in the design. It’s really quite breathtaking. The designers worked closely with the home owners to capture and draw you into the interior. Visit:


More than just a beacon leading to the front door, exterior lighting helps define the look of a house. Drive down any residential street, and we'd bet your eye is instantly drawn to the house with the inviting, well-lit front door. Done right, exterior entry lighting makes the most of what you've got, complementing your home's architecture, increasing security, and helping guests navigate their way to the front landing.

The French Country Estate - has a welcoming front door with an adjacent window displaying the most magnificent chandelier. This home is not only inviting it’s interior detail gives this home personality and reflects the homeowners style and whimsey. If you think the interior in jaw dropping, wait till you see the backyard. Visit:

Lake Rosseau, Ontario – I chose this design because it is a retreat that will make you never want to return to the city – ever! Tamarack builds exquisite homes with huge sliding glass doors that bring the outside in. I live in Ontario and this area is in my own backyard as many people venture to the Muskoka’s to get away from their hectic life and enjoy the serenity of the North. The dining room table suggests it’s a home for entertaining and the master bath oasis … pictures speak a thousand words. Visit -

Lake Muskoka, Ontario - cathedral ceilings and wood beams gives this symmetrical home a relaxing open feel. Magnificent twin walls of windows, a cedar lined Muskoka room with bi-folding glass doors, large glass railed deck, clear cedar railings, main floor bedroom suites including the master. A short walk from the cottage is a home-owners boat house with a massive deck and lot of storage for the water toys. Lots of inspiration behind these front doors. Visit:

California Mountains - a must on a list of any exceptional front door designs. These glass doors, open to a foyer that is magical. This home is all about the uniqueness of the doors. When you take a look inside you will understand. The distressed wood used on the barn doors to the laundry room gives it a rustic look which is in direct contrast to the modern efficiency of the kitchen and bar area. Surprises are everywhere. The floor patterns are something impressive. Designers matched but not replicated flooring – a definite accomplishment to talent. Visit:

Mexican Treehouse - I couldn’t resist when I saw this home and it’s entrance or non-entrance to an exotic space in the Mexican jungle. The Treehouse offers jaw-dropping views of the surrounding jungle canopy and terrain as well as vistas of Sayulita Bay. An exclusive community beach club offers guests plenty of outdoor and indoor amenities to keep busy all day long. Opportunity to rent is available. Visit:


With planning and a bit of math, you can put your home's best face forward.


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