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Hi Everyone, I'm Donna McCaw and I just wanted to welcome you to my website.  I am, what is termed an AFFILIATE marketeer.  An affiliate marketer simply means should you purchase something via my website -  I become an instant millionaire.  Everyone will love me and want to be my friend.  I do have some friends now, but I can dump them if needed!  I live in Puslinch, Ontario (that's in Canada) - it's a metropolis with a volunteer fire department! It's quiet here - I made headlines in our local newspaper because I have a company website born right here in Puslinch!  

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I know what you are thinking! I don't look like myself today! But, it's important for me to be authentic. To always show my TRUE self - after all this is my blog!


I got up this morning and to my u t t e r   s u r p r i s e  I didn't have a thing to wear. It's Wednesday, lunch with my gals. Whoops, 2021, lunch with my tribe! Those who are close to me, know I can't leave the house without my jewels, my perfume, my lipstick, my Jag. My issue is always my wardrobe.  


But what else can I say, what can I do? If I must, I must - do THE LAUNDRY?  Fortunately, I do have a close affiliation with "THE LAUNDRESS". I seem to be forever on their website. They know all the secrets to keep everything what touches our skin, our bodies, our children clean and eco friendly.  


Did I hear someone whisper  s h o p?  Yes!  Halston?  First things first, let's mellow with  glass of Martha Stewart's new line of  THE BUBBLY! Martha has a vintage paired perfectly for your whites, colors and of course a delicious cashmere entre.  I belong to her club, not to brag, but I also belong to Club Monaco! 

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I love sharing ideas and am looking forward to hearing from everyone (yes, I want to be reading into the wee hours of the night and connecting with life outside of Puslinch) about what you think about my website and also how to improve my content. We are sharing this platform.  I do have a few blogs already in circulation if you wanted to take a look under "peep my blog" above.  I hope you enjoy shopping and more importantly, I hope my links work.  I have issues! 

Take care and enjoy!

Just a small note:  Researching my affiliates, you will notice that some are from USA, Canada, Sweden and the UK - my standards are high and I want the very best for you.  It's a Puslinch thing!  

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Founder, James Holder co-creator of "Superdry" fame had lux in mind when he masterminded this upscale line of winterwear with "JACK1T."  Always enjoying the finer things in life,  my pursuit for hitting the hills and just about everything winter pointed directly in keeping the bod warm and dry while still being fashion forward and styling.  Based in London, this company delivered quickly and the presentation is just delicious in every way.  Let it snowwww! 


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