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A B O U T  

jlfromwithin was started as a challenge. Can you have  elegance and style while still  giving back to our planet in small day to day ways.  Why small ways you ask?  Because, over the years I have learned, if you overturn the applecart because of rushing   irresponsibly into fast change, all you  end up doing is picking up apples and returning them to the cart. What have you actually accomplished?  Instead you should cultivate, nourish your efforts and one day you may have an orchard.  To me it all starts "from within".


It is challenging to group together items  that will contribute to individual "style" and yet be respectful to our planet. I focused on finding businesses that were conscientious and also philanthropic in nature.  They were not picked at random and choosing topics like skin care, cashmere, jewelry, made by independent women proved loads of fun! Mostly I wanted these women as my new best friends.


I  have my favourite causes.  One of them being the "ocean cleanup".  Our waters are like our home. Akin to the trees being our lungs. We have to and can do better.  Another is  Women's Brain Health Initiative founded by Lynn Poslums, the only organization dedicated solely to protecting the brain health of women. Yes, surprisingly enough, through the lab of Gillian Einstein, women's brains age differently. I would strongly suggest subscribing to their magazine, : "Mind over Matters".  My daughter's company is Strawhopper and makes unbelievably strong glass straws.  Check her out and save the environment, animals and ultimately the planet from plastics.

While starting my blog, I found it amazing how many organizations that have found  creative ways to support communities and causes.  I encourage you when shopping to look at their philanthropic pages .

Enthusiasm is addictive.  Pick a cause that gets you moving and see how your within starts to glow. My daughter, owns "Strawhopper" a company dedicated to abolishing plastic straws.  Owning a glass company with her husband, she developed a glass straw that is child proof and guaranteed. It's not your average glass.  

When we are so confined to our personal real estate  these days - I hope people find something that charges their within  to hang our hat on and encourage others to hang along with you!  One becomes many! 


I come from oddly enough a financial background but my formal education is in English Literature and no I won't be quoting Shakespeare in the near future but I do love tradition - we grow from learning and understanding our history.   I think it is one of the pillars of  strength, fortitude  and personal lifestyle. 


I live in Puslinch, Ontario - it's a thriving metropolis filled with adorable CHICKS, I call my friends!

Plastic Straws.jpg
Adorable Chick

I believe that if you have a strong center you are all right - and a strong center always starts from within.  Holding onto what's important in our lives - - traditions, respect,  love --  ultimately to be made available to the next generation - but only if we take the time to nurture. It became  more evident as I went forward  to focus on building  "calmness" in our lives. I love luxury and I love my age. Understanding the importance of treating ourselves well, growing  in movement, protecting our skin, our eyes and exercising our brain.  Enriching our within will not only add to our health but add to the health of those we love.   If we could just take away the chaos for a few minutes a day  and maybe over time those minutes may grow longer.   

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