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Beauty procedures

"Nature gives you the face you have at twenty, Life shapes the face you have at thirty. But at fifty you get the face you deserve"


- Coco Chanel

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Pure ingredients and smart science using botanicals with superpowers and plant stem cells. This company has raised the bar for the beauty industry. Two words "Rose Water" 

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Phyto-cosmetology is a science in which Sisley excels. The vital energy of plants, their adaptive and regenerative potential, as well as their protective systems, have all been placed in the service of beauty. 

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Korean founded and herb based with the use of "AUM Activator™" is Sulwhasoo's unique golden ratio formula for anti-aging and radiance, developed through data mining, and combinations of over 1,000 Korean herbs. 


Natural skin care and anti-aging, hydration and glowing products.  It's popularity is evidence that it does what it sets out to do.  Just celebrating 20 years for it's "Immortelle Devine Cream'


Recommend by dermatologists.  They specialize in skin types. Example, green serum if you have rosacea - calms the skin down. 


Discover youthful, healthy skin with two anti-aging collections. The Brilliant collection to preserve and protect your skin for glowing radiance and The Absolute collection’s cellular regenerating and rejuvenating power for renewed luminosity.


This is my new discovery for cleansing skin.  I have large pores (sadly) and the ingredients in this product and %, I think will change my skin.  Anyone else like this? Check back as I have ordered it and I'll give you the low down.


Marilyn Monroe - never left home without her EL.  It's been around since 1927! Don't worry, they have constantly evolved and improved. Standards are impeccable. 


Cream spot correction is magic.  Take the skin assessment and run with it. Eliminates wrinkles in 30 days - Timexpert rides! Hydration is a key component. 


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I may not have tried this product but I know people who love it.  One of them being my sister Bev.  It's been around since 1851 and meets all my requirements for healthy, glowing skincare. Very gentle. 


: A lightweight, velvety gel that hydrates and visibly plumps while helping to activate your microcurrent devices.


MAC products are of professional grade, however, their service and policies are unreliable.  Everyone loves the foundations, but if you don't have a service foundation - it's up to you! 


There isn't much I don't like about this line. Foundations are excellent even for my fine line age group.  Eyeliner, mascara and concealer are exceptional.  Highly recommended.  No gucking here! 


Almost, thought of as trendy.  But, it meets all my criteria, their palettes, mascara and primer are all excellent.  Don't hesitate to try it. It's exciting to find this hidden gem!


I haven't used this and honestly, can't find too much on it to like or dislike.  I am open to hearing from you, as I am mixed. No well I seem to be able to draw from.  Let me know? It's a first??


One of the newest products on Alyaka for sun protection. Helps reduce hyperpigmentation for a skin-perfecting result.Ocean and reef-friendly, all-natural formula free from nanoparticles, titanium dioxide, chemical sun filters, and other synthetic additives. Fragrance-free formula suited for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

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For any age - holy grail of setting powder.  No creases and illuminates a dewy glow. Definitely worth adding this to your wish list.  Personally, I am very happy with the foundations, for me, at my age.  This is hard to find!


Although, I haven't tried this base, my friend who is an avid swimmer, swears by it's hydrating and moisturizing effects. It's light and very comfortable to wear - Her words! 


I am obsessed with any product that mentions serums and am an absolute guinea pig to try them.  Hyaluronic serum is simply fantastic for ageing skin. Because of the price - request samples before jumping in! 


Loaded with antioxidants - plant based and developed by a  veteran dermatologist  of 40 years. The hand cream is amazing, with covid and washing hands - we need a good moisturizer.

Award winning EWG Hypo-allergenic and ultimately the cleanest product on the market.  Worry free Products for Hair & Body. 


When it comes to baby, it's important to start life without worrying about what we put on our infants and toddlers skin and hair.  Bubble Bath, Shampoo - the complete line of needs.  

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We get it. They sniff, they lick, they chew and swallow everything. That’s why our furry friends natural pet care line includes a range of natural pet products that are 100% safe, from air purifiers for pets, to hypoallergenic pet shampoo, deodorant spray, and everything in between.

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