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Harnessing our health

“Tell me and I forget.

Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and I learn.”

~ Benjamin Franklin



Obsessed with this silver theme.  Alo is one of the most highly regarded yoga companies in North America.  Full disclosure, they sponsor my granddaughter's IG called "Yogatutorial". They offer equipment and on-line classes also.  Alo, also has a beauty line featuring ALMA super-berries, very potent in antioxidants and Vitamin C. alo introduced a  new swim suit line worth checking out. 

Shop alo. 

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Move it Leggings by Asquith  from Yoga Clicks, a small business run by some awesome women. These bum-sculpting wonder leggings, with seriously flattering hip and side seam details are  made with Bambor®. They’re soft and so comfortable to wear but also gently hold you in, like an iron corset (only kidding). Squat proof and 100% opaque, they’re your wear-all-day-hero - from lunging to lounging. Also, they sell chakra jewelry. Everything helps!  

Shop Yoga Clicks


Plus size active wear from swimsuits to intimates. Juno's mission is to let you find your own active lifestyle.  They have charts to follow for custom sizing and many testimonials to prove the fittings are perfect, thanks to the owner. Fabric is high tech and long lasting.  

Shop Juno



It's a complete home gym to redefine your body!  It's like have a personal trainer.  Pick what you want to work on, swivel the screen and get started. Bike, mats ... anything. All at an affordable price.  The bike's are professionally used in gyms across the universe. Bike, Cross Training, Floor and Restorative - all in one! 


30 day free trial period.  Take the classes off line - no scheduling required.  Learn and move whenever is convenient to you.  Instructions come in different languages which can make it so much more easier than just following along with the pics.  They have over 500 instructors to help you on your quest! They are waiting for your call!

Shop Yoga International



They are all about empowerment for women and girls. They are innovative and really listen to what athletes and customers say about their products and how to improve.  Always setting new goals and are super supporters for improving the planet.  I have a lot of respect for how this company brings strength and mindfulness into our lives.

Shop Athleta


When you think Columbia Sportwear - you think outdoors.

They're a Canadian Company that cherishes the wild and their products reflect their corporate responsibility.  Who doesn't have a piece of Columbia in their closet.  If you don't - SHOP NOW! Clothes that are eco-friendly and feel the freedom! 



The Nike Rawdacious Colorway Celebrates the Unity of Sport! It's all about color and emotion!  If they possessed a fragrance - (I mean a good one) they would linger in your mind forever. Love these! 


 The Ultra Boost 21! Ultraboost 21 makes running in the rain feel as good as running by the beach. Like you’re jumping off thousands of mini diving boards, launching you forward. Welcome to life on hi energy. Think how good this is for your feet! 

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