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Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique! -

Liz Taylor

Jewelry you live in!




ML, as a designer uses stones that have meaning.  I purchased a beautiful Kyanite bracelet made with a blue stone which dispels negativity, promotes balance and fulfillment.  I absolutely love it and receive many complements. Simple and Stunning!  


Earrings, I posted on my IG and received much recognition as people already knew who designed them. Mickey and Seth are designers who use natural materials to tell stories. It's a small business that makes you feel apart of it with such heart felt pieces they create.   


Founder Becky Hosmer's jewelry connects you with the artisan who personally made your pieces by hand. Living and working with the artisans in Bali taught her the art of jewelry making, as well as the art of mindfulness, love and kindness.  Becky lived in Bali for five years, and the lessons she learned would become the foundation of who she is today and who she are as a brand. The Balinese culture taught her how important it is to not only share this beautiful art, but also the intentions and the energy behind it.


Effy is exquisite in fun design.  They have humor and sophistication in all their pieces. Effy Hematian is the designer and he crates using an old method of waxing and molding.  Craftsmanship beyond what we can comprehend.  There is a legacy here and it is honored and appreciated.  Own a piece of the mastery!


I have some that were given to me by each of my daughters, myself, my husband.  I know each and everyone of them and why they chose that particular design.  They are my story, my loves, my celebrations, they are my wrist family and I keep them close.  


Inspired by strong women

Founder and Designer, Dana Gordon: " As a small business, I continue to find inspiration from the women in my life."  They encourage women to buy jewelry for themselves, to put it in their words: " You deserve to have it all".  I agree! They make it easy because the quality is exquisite and the prices are attainable.  


More than just an accessory!  Vrai curates sustainable diamonds that inspires beauty and fulfills us with possibilities. Every bride should be looking at this collection and finding inspiration to design her own piece, because once she adorns it - it is forever! They last longer than some marriages? 

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Look at what is blooming! Marissa's legendary shop is in Naples, Florida and for us Canadians, she dresses us from head to toe with her sunny service and stunning clothes.  This bouquet of flowers is exquisite, colorful and a real show stopper.  At night, just transplant them with a few of Marissa's diamonds and voila!  It's just like miracle grow!