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"5" Mother's Day Gifts - I would like to receive!

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Calling all mothers – IT’S OUR DAY! My mother would lovingly tell us, it’s enough for her to know that her children are thinking about her. But this one day is special and it holds a special place in my heart. It's my day to celebrate the joy of motherhood and milk it for all I can!

I asked myself, if I was given an option to pick out something tangible, what would I like to receive from my beloved offspring? Not trying to sound like a pitch - but I do have a website catering to luxury brands for women - so I started there. Truth be known, I love everything on my website, so why not!

Thinking carefully not to presume that the sky is the limit, I was resolute in keeping within appropriate budgets. Contemplating this, a song came on the radio from the movie “To Sir with Love” which inspired me when Lulu belted out the words: “But how do you thank someone who has taken you from crayons to perfume.” Immediately, my mind went to Perfume. Women understand the emotive power of scent. It can unlock memories. It can stop you in your tracks, lost somewhere in a moment in time. AAH! I remember, I could pick out my children's fragrance in a sea of little tushies!

1. Iconic fragrance - is all about mystery. We wear perfume to leave a good impression, to be remembered and be irresistible. I have three scents that I absolutely love and would suggest to anyone. The first is IZIS by Sisley, The Favourite by Penhaligon’s and lastly Chantecaille’s, The Darby Rose. Not to be confusing but I also have a fourth which I receive many complements on - Vera Wang’s, Princess.

2. Jewelry - Perfume is something, you put on when leaving the house. Much like a favourite piece of jewelry. Call it crazy but doing dishes in diamonds just isn’t the same??? Alas! I must admit I am a bracelet whisperer! I rescue every stray bracelet in the western hemisphere and give a warm deserving wrist. I just purchased a beautiful piece from Mickey Lynn’s collection. It’s called the Kyanite Slice Bracelet. It’s beautiful on its own or stacked with several collectible pieces. Think of receiving one for every Mother’s Day! Jewelry captivates one’s deepest emotions. It’s sophisticated and individual. Zoe Lev creates spectacular pieces, monograming them with personal messages. Gorjana, shows off your style! EFFY’s is understated and special and Anna Beck is just pure fun with sparkle!

3. Robes & Comfort - Sitting here, dreaming of all these wonderful adornments, I am lost in possibilities. Until, I looked down at my bathrobe. My wintery, navy blue heavy velour just felt

like I was wearing a small country. Then, I remembered, The White Company and all those luscious soft cottony summer robes. If not for Mother’s Day, I am definitely venturing forward and buying a new robe for summer. White and Warren is especially cozy and cashmere is always a good choice for any season. Derek Rose handmakes the most beautiful robes from the finest silks.

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My husband and I often dine outside in the backyard in our robes as the sun sets, so a little sprucing up might just be what is needed for added romance. Oh! Where are the candles to set the mood?

4. Candle Enchantment - Well, the Curious Egg has beautiful tapered candles for dining and Arhaus has the most unusual and unique candle holders to complement the experience.

But let’s take that robe to the most important room in the house. The Master…. Bathroom! Think about a long hot bath to sooth and pamper our bodies. My toes are singing at the thought! If you’re a young Mom, maybe, just maybe a certain someone can keep the little hands from knocking on the door for just - Mother’s Day? For us older Moms, now that you have all the privacy in the world, just for a few minutes we can allow ourselves to miss the genuine unconditional neediness of our children and relax in memories. Turn off the phone and the lights and sink into the gentle scent of a garden after a rain with Penhaligon’s candle.

5. Natural by Nature - "Hot Spring" in Japan literally means Onsen – I gave my daughter a pouch of the hot spring mineral bath to experience at home. It relaxes, detoxifies and replenishes your body. I kept the other one in the box and used it the other night and it truly does work. Full disclosure - I have this on my website also! One more thing – Onsen makes a Nail Kit. I was very skeptical of the intensity of the reviews on this product. But I enjoy trying the products I have chosen for my website, primarily to solidify my recommendations. (Note to self: think Bentley) I personally thought nothing was going to save my nails. But, I noticed a difference right away. My nails no longer split, my cuticles are listening to me and not sprouting evil hangnails. Not sure if this is a one-time event or you have to keep it going, but I am enjoying the experience of healthier looking and happy nails.

If it wasn’t for our precious children, there would be no Mother’s Day. There are many women who for whatever reason don’t get to experience the joys of motherhood. We will be thinking about you on this special day also.

I love that we have this whole day just in honour of us and truth be told, motherhood is the perfect gift that our children could ever give us. I guess I get a little nostalgic at this time. Stop and take a few moments to appreciate whatever stage your children are at. When they’re young you treasure the handprints made in plaster, handmade cards with hearts and kisses, the questionable tasting breakfasts in bed. Now that they are older and have pay cheques (YES!!!) --- doing the dishes in diamonds could be a new Mother’s Day trend.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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