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Bridal Jewelry - Balance is Everything

Picking the appropriate jewelry on your wedding day can be just as important as choosing your dress. In fact, the two go hand in hand. As you peruse your jewelry, don't make the mistake of trying to match your favorite or expensive pieces with a dress. The dress always comes first. Even if, there is a family heirloom that every bride in your family has worn, try maneuvering it to a reception outfit. The dress should always be "the dress".

While simple jewelry is the most elegant, you should always endeavor to have a balance between the details of your dress and your choice of adornment. Meaning, if you wedding gown is very elaborate chose more refined jewelry. Similarly if you are a minimalist, it would make sense to lean more towards bigger and bolder choices. Alternatively, if your neckline on your gown is highly beaded or intricately embroidered, treat the neckline with a simple necklace or no necklace at all. Why wear a bracelet if you have long sleeves? Body shape is also important to consider. If you are well endowed, it may be appropriate to eliminate the neckline jewels for simple earrings or decorative hair combs with gems or even flowers. Balance is everything.

A single piece of jewelry can be a fashion statement. Your the bride and one thing you do not want to do is share the spotlight with or compete for attention with your jewelry. You are the protagonist and everything else plays a supportive role. I mentioned hair combs earlier, and surprisingly enough, tiaras and flower crowns are very popular. Just remember, once again the hair style must come before any hair pieces are purchased. Full thick hair might swallow up a hair piece while thin hair might look droopy and heavy.

Jewelry, I don't think should be purchased for a single day and you might want to consider looking at pieces that you can definitely wear afterwards. So. perhaps spending a little more and finding that special piece might just be worth the expense. After all, it's important to have that "something new" covered for the day, besides your dress. It may also be what you pass down to your children one day. Should, you want a huge piece of jewelry for that day to solidify the look, you might want to consider renting your jewelry! Yes, this can be done - sign your first born away and it's yours for 24 hours. But, it's better than buying that perfect piece and have it sit in your jewelry box forever, not to mention the glaring price tag. The fun part is your get to feel like a princess for the most important day of your life. Why not - they do it at the Oscars!

To wear a necklace or not wear a necklace. It's always a big decision. A single diamond, a string of pearls, can instantly change your look. If you are inclined to wear a halter dress, it might be best to skip the necklace and concentrate on earrings and veil. Sweethearts, can be suited to any necklace type. It's good to not stray from what is typically you. If you don't wear a lot of bling and over the top jewelry in your everyday life, your wedding day is not the time to re-invent your style. Stick with enhancing your natural beauty with your jewelry, hair and makeup with an additional dose of glamour and not make yourself unrecognizable. Pictures will tell the story.

I am going to say this and personally, I can't believe I am doing it. But, skip the watch. I said it and surely this recommendation will pass. But it's extremely hard to mix a metal with pearls or stones. Keep the balance - someone will always have the time. Be carefree and don't worry, let the mother's do that. It's your day and you set the pace.

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