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Youth is not about “good genes”! Sorry, but if this were true, we would have a bunch of wild women injecting someone’s “good genes” into their wrinkles! Sure, you can nip & tuck and botox your way through life, but what you cut off or inject doesn’t get replaced with a healthy glow and vibrancy. You remain gaunt, grey and frozen! Amazingly enough, reruns are common!

Alo Yoga

Summer Collection of Workout attire is fresh and colorful - taking you from studio to street

We all know exercise keeps our body and muscles healthy, firm, subtle, and vibrant. Like your body, your face also has muscles and if "exercised" property can give you a youthful “o’natural” look for life. The earlier you start, the more radiant you will remain – without nasty side effects and scarey needles.

Like everything else wonderful in life, this youthfulness comes with a huge responsibility! It’s called motivation, mojo, willpower! It’s inside everyone! However, you may have to dredge the bottom of the barrel, find it and commit! This work-out takes, 10, 15 or 30 minutes, 5 times per week over 12 weeks, for any age group.

Let me entice you:

THINK: jowls, lip lines, dippy noses, eyebrows connecting with your lashes, zombie cheekbones, balloon cheekbones, lips that require a search warrant to find, spotty red patches, brown things, looking constantly tired and finally the nemesis of my life – the gobbler neck. Do I have your attention NOW!

Yoga is the greatest gift you can give your body! It fluffs, folds, irons and tucks things away where they should be! There are so many programs that one can indulge in online that work amazing for your body like #aloyoga, #BarreBody, #YogaInternational, #AkhandaYoga, which I would recommend to everyone.

But what about your face?

Is there Yoga for your face! Let’s call it YOTOX! Facial muscles are attached to the base layers of the dermis, with doing a few exercises, your muscles and skin tighten and lift for a naturally healthier appearance. People will think you had cosmetic surgery. Think about how much you save on creams, expensive facials and beauty treatments. A truly natural remedy for aging skin. Image your lipstick not creeping along your facial tributaries!

I have done my homework for you on what program I would recommend. I also want you to know that I am not in any way affiliated with nor do I receive any compensation or recognition for this recommendation. I do however, participate in the program and you will find a difference in your skin as fast as 10 days. But, it’s not going to work if you do it for 2 days then stop for 3 days etc. It’s willpower - 100%.

I will also note at this time – that the “anti-aging program” will not put a gentle dip in your nose, you won’t get Chrissy Teigen eyes, nor will you have Angelina Jolie’s lips. You will however, get a more refreshed and younger looking YOU. It starts with examining your face structure and determining what shape of face you have and what areas you would like to work on or be like me go for the whole enchilada! If you are young, you will probably not notice evolutionary changes but making these exercises routine will definitely keep your youthful appearance and plump lips going for a long time without fillers.

Essentially, there are 12 exercises Elaine, a Professional Therapist and Founder of the Faceworks program takes you through in a complete 30 minute workout and are designed to work the face thoroughly and completely and you will probably see a difference in approx 10 days.

So the big question is – What would you like to change about your face and what are your reasons and goals? Once, we narrow down the issues, they become a powerful influencer. I wrote my full list down (it was a novel) and posted them on my bathroom mirror to remind me each day of my “wish list”.

Does the program cost anything? Yes, but depending on your areas of concern, the amount respectively is adjusted and surprisingly, is no more than a jar of drug store anti-aging creams!

Kick start your Facelift and keep it for life!

Set a date in your phone for 3 months and start committing. Remember, muscles only get stronger with regular workouts. Take a picture of you before to compare it to the ongoing results and the 3 month result. (It may take a bit longer if you are older and a former sun worshipper) We live with ourselves and sometimes we need confirmation of the change – damn cameras!

Elaine Bartlett - Founder of Faceworks

Before - Age 45 l 4 Wks - Age 45 l 6 Yrs - Age 50

13 Yrs - Age 58

The changes you can expect to see if you follow the routine are:

1. 2 Weeks: overall appearance of your skin shows your complexion starts to bloom, skin issues less noticeable, brighter eyes, cheeks are starting to tone, lips plumper and rosier and even double chins are receding with the tide!

2. 1 Months: eyebrows are higher and the skin between slightly smoother, less droop in top of eyelids and on the outer corners, skin is lifting, eyes brighter, lash line appears enhanced, shadows and puffiness are reduced, cheeks higher and face in general is more contoured.

3. 2 Months: frown furrows are almost gone, hooded eyes and crow’s feet are lifted away. Eyes are brighter and under eye skin is more toned with a reduction in “bags” and the crepiness is smoothing out, face is more contoured and lines around the mouth are reduced by 40% and lips are plump. Double chins are reduced and tighter. You look healthier!

4. 3 Months: lower part of your face shows much improvement – it usually takes until now for the muscles here to lift. Folds around the jowls, mouth, and jawline improve dramatically, cheeks are sculped, tissues are tightening.

5. Lastly, this program does not give you a license to ignore the other approximate 600 muscles in your body as your face’s 43 muscles improve. The results above are in Elaine’s book : “FACEWORK – Face Exercises Made Easy – Complete Anti-Aging Workout”

Elaine Bartlett founded Faceworks in 2007 and has since been called the Facial Exercise Guru. The website is

Dress up in your best yoga outfit like the one from #alo in apricot which is my favorite color or any of the awesome outfits from my website,, sit down on your mat, get a mirror and flex your fingers. Have the courage to look fabulous.

Change is good and because you get a boost in appearance so quickly, I hope you continue and report back to me on my website on how you are shining!

Drink water! It’s a beauty regiment on it’s own!

Enjoy everyone!


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