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"1" Pair of Shades for the Summer - Who came up with that idea!

In todays social environment, it's doubly important to reinvent our style with shades that say: “all eyes should be on you.” Whether you are headed for the beach, a walk in the park or even if the day is gloomy and overcast – remember to grab your sunglasses! It's 2021, Sunglasses have become that magic accessory. They can make you stand out but they can also help you blend in. Shades can say a thousand words about who you are --- without saying a word!

Glasses are like a picture frame for your face. You can have a beautiful picture but if you don't have the right frame, it just doesn’t look or feel --- right. So much emphasize is placed on this part of the body, hair, earrings, jewelry and glasses. The focus is about who you already are. It’s your story.

Why is picking out the right frame for your face important? Crazy as it sounds - not all of us can be Iris Apfel! The right style is number one in your first step in purchasing your new shades. Being selective and choosing only what complements your face, keeps your style fresh and totally personal. Ok, this doesn't narrow your options, different shapes can be complementary to your features, not to mention your moods!

In researching sunglasses, I learned that style is only half your battle. The most important feature in picking sunglasses is the 100% bulletproof protection against the rays of the sun.

a) - So keep in mind the phrase :- "block the sun - protect your peepers" when shopping.

Right now – is a great time to check out your sunglasses and make sure you’re wearing a pair that is providing protection to your eyes and blocking ultraviolet radiation. There are digits on the ear of your glasses that can help you choose. For example, 53 – 15. The 53 represents the eye size and the number is usually between 40 mm to 62 mm. The second number 15, which represents the bridge size. It’s the distance between the lenses. When shopping online, detail matters.

Like sunscreen, sunglasses should have both UVA and UVB protection, since these are two different types of ultraviolet waves and require different defenses. UVA rays will progress signs of aging. UVB rays can cause cancer.

b) - also keep in mind the phrase: "Stop wrinkling up and dying" when shopping.

Did you know that you eyelid skin is the thinnest skin on your entire body! Just a little trivia but something else that is educational is polarization. It reduces glare and makes your eyes more comfortable. Guess what - the color or tinting is purely cosmetic. Pick the same complementary style but in 20 different colors. How very practical of you!

These shades check all the boxes.

1. RANDOLPH EYEWEAR - handcrafted with impeccable detail since 1973.

  • Made in the USA

  • Free shipping and returns on US order +$99.

  • Built to last a lifetime – come with a lifetime guarantee.

Randolph's moto is based on frame technology and advertise: “6 weeks, 200 steps and built to last a lifetime, or two”. Why? In 2000 the technology used by military/pilots was introduced to the market and now they are being styled, worn, drafted by the public!


Randolph has built invaluable technology into their Sunglass lines. Having the military's rigid needs has elevated these glasses to a superior level. They trademarked SkyTec ™ for enhanced clarity, Blue Light Technology, Vector™ (anti reflective coating), Hydrophobic coating, for moisture roll-off. In addition, Randolph has introduced SkyForce™ for 40% lighter weight glasses and their SkyForce Air ™ series offers gradient lens.

Price Point - My favourite is the Amelia is $230 and the P3Round - $350. - did I mention the lifetime guarantee.

  • Stainless steel frames /scratch resistant

  • Offer prescription fitting (rx-able) glasses and sunglasses

  • Polarized lenses with triacetate cellulose to provide maximum optical clarity

  • 100% UV protections

  • Blue light and anti- glare

  • Under $30. – that’s thirty only! No mistake

  • 30-day return policy with restrictions / standard shipping

  • Donate thousands of glasses to “Restoring Vision” every year.

PR offers guidelines on their web for purchasing to ensure you get the proper fit.


A picture speaks a thousand words. These glasses are fashionable and high quality for the price and Peepers offers loads of designs + they are adorable.

Peeper can make the statement for the summer! I think there is a tiny bit of Iris Apfel in all of us!

So many styles - download the app, have a party and pick your favourite summer sunglasses. Easy Peasy!


  • Every pair of Warby Parker glasses comes with anti-reflective, scratch-resistant lenses that block 100% of UV rays. Pick from a range of lens options to fit your vision needs.

  • Blue light filtering

  • Take a quiz to find styles that suit you, or use the Virtual Try-On tool in our app (iPhone X and above) to instantly see how you look!

  • WP actually sells their glasses wholesale by designing and producing their own eyewear.

  • WP also gives back – program called buy a pair, give a pair. one of their primary partners is VisionSpring.

Confidence and empowerment - outside and within!

5. zeroUV - eyewear enthusiasts has become a prodigiously curated eyewear boutique for the fashion savvy individual, for a fraction of high retail prices.

Blue Light Futuristic PPE Mask Visor

Face Mask Oversize Shield Sunglasses D188

6. Out East Eyewear - The frames are handmade with premium grade materials "ethically sourced" The company offers a replacement program if they become lost or broken twice per year for just $35.00. No questions asked.

They use an Italian Mazzuchelli Acetate Celluose - a plant based renewable material.

Style and Protective and one more thing:

c) Final one: keep in mind the phrase: "S & P when shopping!"


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Donna McCaw
Donna McCaw
May 01, 2021


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